Make money gambling

Most of us lose money when we gamble and gambling is generally considered a vice but it is possible to make money gambling. To be able to make money gambling you need to think about it as a profession just like you would day trading or investing in stock. To be able to become a skilled gambler who earn a lot of money you need to chose the right game and be dedicated to your new trade, gambling.

casino gameMost types of gambling will cost you money. But by choosing the right games you can make money from gambling. Most people will however never make any money gambling because they are not ready to put in the hours and the dedication that is required to make money. Being a professional gambler is not an easy way to make money. You will likely work harder and more hours per day then you would if you had a regular job. The rewards can however be great.

Professional gambling are not for every one but it can be very rewarding if it is for you.

Below we are going to look a little bit closer on the games you can make money from and the games that are a fools investment. The games that are impossible to beat and that always will lose you money in the long run.

Casino Games

The casino is a good place to lose money. Almost all games are unbeatable and it does not matter how good you are. You will always lose money. There a few games that can be beaten if are able to play a perfect game. Any common game not mentioned below is not possible to beat.

We will not include techniques such as edge sorting and other techniques that many casinos consider cheating in this article.

I recommend that you register in an online casino and play using play money until you have learned how to play a certain game well enough to be able to win money playing it. You can compare and find a good online casino using this website.

Video poker

Most video poker games are impossible to beat but there are a low number of machines that allows the player an edge over the casino if optimal strategy is used. It is only s.k full pay machines that give this edge. These machines are often mixed in among other machines featuring the same game but with slightly different rules that make them unbeatable. An example of a video poker game that gives the player an edge is full pay deuces wild. You will need to learn how to find and identify the beatable machines if you want to play video-poker for profit. I do not recommend that you focus on this game. Full pay machines are too rare and might disappear completely in the future.

Black jack

Some casinos offer black jack tables that can be beaten by counting cards but more and more casinos use automatic shufflers or other methods that make it impossible to get an edge by counting cards. Counting cards is not illegal but it is frowned upon by the casino. You risk getting banned from almost all casinos if you get caught. You will however be allowed to keep your winnings. I do not recommend counting cards as it becomes harder and harder to be able to make money counting cards.


Some casinos, mainly European, allow you to be the bank at the black jack table (they charge a rake). This allows you to get the edge that the casino usually got. This can be a very good way to earn money provided you have a large enough bankroll. You will need at-least 10 000 Euro to be able to be the bank at a baccarat table. Any less then that and you are likely to lose money. I recommend that you should have a bankroll of at-least 100 000Euro before you try to be the bank. The odds are in your favor but this does not matter if you go bust before the odds car realized. You need to be able to survive losing streaks.

Online casino bonuses

It used to be possible to make money from using casino bonus codes and collecting casino bonus cash. You would deposit money to get the bonus and then withdraw the money as quickly as possible. Almost all casinos have adjusted their term and conditions since then and it is almost impossible to make money this way due to the wager requirements.

This is not a good way to earn money.


Texas hold-em and other poker games played against other players can be a very good choice if you want to be able to make money from gambling. There is no bank and no player have an edge. It is a game of skill and the best player will win. Luck will play a role in individual hands but not over time. You will see the same faces over and over again at the final tables of big tournaments. There are a lot of poker pros that make a lot of money playing poker. Poker can be a very good game to take up if you want to make a living from gambling. It is not easy to succeed but it is possible with the right dedication.

Sports betting (including horse race betting)

Sports betting is another type of betting where it is possible to make a living and earn a lot of money if you are willing to make it your profession. To be a successful punter you need to devote a lot of time to your trade. You need to know more than the people setting the odds at the sport betting sites. If you know more then the people setting the odds then you will be able to spot opportunities where the sport books have set the odds in a way that give you an edge. It is best to focus on certain sport to be able to know as much as possible. It is hard to know everything about every sport. But if you focus on a certain sport or league then you might be able to know more then the people setting the odds.

You need to have a true love for gambling and your sport of choice to be able to become a professional sports bettor. You will not be able to stay motivated unless you love the sport you will have to dedicate countless hours to.